Friday, September 24, 2010

Glamour and Glow: Explosive, Seductive Celebration

by Charles Lee Schagne III
  More and more one realizes that when attending a WestCoastClubLife event organized by Dave Soko, one is going to get a little more than what is expected. In the case of Glamour and Glow it was a lot more. How to describe the visual excess and revelry of dozens of beautiful young women prancing around mostly in glowing body paint, posing for photos, seductively dancing on the runway in between fashion shows, or just hanging out on the dance floor. The World Beat Center was hot, but for more than just the lack of air conditioning. The atmosphere rocked with great music, bodies dancing non-stop, glow in the dark people and art, and just a joyous, exhilarating ambiance of sheer delight and fun.

Soko, who in a past life must have been a circus ring-master, loves to delight and shock, titillate and inspire. To call Glamour and Glow artistic, high- class erotica would not be pushing the envelope. Tailor made for Las Vegas, where it plans to go next; it’s a welcome respite for adults from the typical club experience. Hoop Charmer and Charmed Life delighted with their glow in the dark hula hoops and acrobatics. Seven designers/boutiques graced the runway: Money Grown on Trees, House of Flash, Brandi Bee, X-Kittens, Passione Boutique, Evil Lamb and Parris Harris. The models sported a lot of body paint, bikinis, and glow in the dark clothes appropriate with the theme of the party. Guests were encouraged to wear white and were provided fiber-optic accessories. Many of the artists present had glow in the dark art and decorated their wares with fluorescent paint.

Its also for a worthy cause, since part of the proceeds from Glamour and Glow goes towards the non-profit Lions, Tigers, and Bears a rescue facility that provides a sanctuary to unwanted and abused exotic cats. So if you did not make it out this year, make sure to make Glamour and Glow next year. Its an experience you will not soon forget.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Club Fashion Whor* and Alternative Fashion

May Star photo by Jeff Morris
Some of the most enjoyable events to go to in San Diego are the monthly fashion shows by Club Fashion Whor*. Founded by May Star, a mysterious and colorful personality as unique and iconoclastic as her club. She has held her shows at The Ruby Room for the last five years. This establishment appears to be small, and is a bit hard to find, but once you go in this delighful dive bar opens up to a room in the back containing a small runway framed by ruby red curtains, the graffiti in the bathroom just adding that extra touch to the ambiance.

Hunt and Gather
Club Fashion Whor* started out as a dance party with a smaller fashion show. Star had modeled in Los Angeles and San Diego and felt a fashion show would bring more people to her party. The party’s success led to what it has become today: a haven for San Diego’s alternative fashion scene. Alternative fashion does not conform to contemporary style trends – it may be extremely attention grabbing and more artistic than practical. It offers a challenge to the modern conception of aesthetic beauty and can be more of a form of self-expression, like painting or poetry.
Trashy Klassy
Esther Jean
“I like street fashion and extreme high fashion but I don’t directy follow fashion. I feel like fashion is more of a personal art and base my own outfit choices more off the energy of what’s around me at the time instead of researching fashion shows like so many others do,” explained Star. She aims to showcase one designer she loves in every show, and adds other local and national designers to the shows as well. Star makes sure the shows stay random for the sake of art. “Although club nights are technically themed, I refuse to have designers design to theme.” Although she features all types of designers, from mainstream to alternative, Club Fashion Whor* takes you places I fashion you might have otherwise never seen. For great atmosphere, energy, and loads of creativity and fun check out Club Fashion Whor* at the Ruby Room.

Photos By Rocky Forguson