Sunday, August 29, 2010

Project Ethos Fashion Ultrafeminine and Unconventional

Goga by Gordana
Cardi-Wrap by Kymaro
Michael Manguino
Project Ethos kicked off its second San Diego fashion show on Aug 26 at Fluxx. Restless with anticipation, attendees patiently awaited the night’s eight designers as the music blared at the club, packed to capacity. Several trends dominated the runway: ultrafeminine designs and the rugged, unfinished but beautiful look of nature and natural objects. Eye-popping bright colors of almost electrical hues made a presence, as well as their juxtaposition by mixing and matching them in plaid patterns. Lace, see- through and whimsical; ruffles in traditional trims or bunched elaborately in portions at the rear of skirts almost like a mini-train, asymmetrical cuts and trims; single shoulder and asymmetrical straps and ruffled neck collars, were some of the details displayed. Molly B. Bikinis displayed pastels and earth tones in stripes and leaf designs. Cardi-Wrap by Kymaro presented innovative wraps in bright colors and earth tones. Cut and designed with what seems mathematical precision, so it can change from one shape to another, going from sweater to jacket, to cape in seconds. Michael Manguino Design highlighted contrasting bright hues in mini and babydoll dresses. Haus of Estrada seemed to allude to Grecian godesses with one shouldered waisted tunic-dresses and elaborate necklines. Warm colors, stripes, and black sheer kept it contemporary. Halters and one-shoulder dresses were dominated. Blonde Peacock went for soft and natural with earth-tones cotton tee-dresses with nature inspired leaf designs. Their wide suede belts with jagged cuts and holes alluded to natural patterns.The models topped it off with peacock feathers in their hair and leaf-earrings. Goga by Gordana went for ethereal with lots of free-flowing sheer, ruffled neck, and a touch of elegance with red, faux-crocodile skirts and tops, or a strap. Goga displayed quality material with an eye-catching detail, and clean, feminine designs. Creative Fashionista used stripes, natural tones and diagonal trims, white ruffled tops and uneven hems, pink chiffon top with wide yellow belt. A paisley dress and open back with a long chain from neck to rear were eye-catching.
The minimalism and simplicity of the last decades seems to be set aside as elaborate femininity, and whimsical, elaborate details are embraced. Lace, ruffles, sheer, colors, uneven trims, ornate details, one-shoulder, and elaborate necklines is in.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miyunn Jasmine: Model with a Mission

Friends in her native North Carolina called her “Miss Hollywood” when she was six because she loved the limelight. She still does, when it comes to modeling on the runway. “It’s a feeling I get that tops everything else. The music, the lights, I’m pumped and excited. For a few minutes my game face is on and nothing else matters. It’s not about the money, its knowing that people can see me shining, that no one can touch me. I feel I’m unstoppable,” said Miyunn Jasmine. But she also knows about giving. From age seven on, along with her two brothers, she was volunteering for local charities with her mother. Although her mother was terribly sick, underwent fourteen operations, and lived a very humble life she always made a priority to give to others, and taught her daughter to do the same. Miyunn describes her mother as a, “walking, talking miracle with a heart of gold.” That is why she is now working for San Diego Event Management, a company that will provide a variety of services, one of which is charity fashion shows. Along with President Del Heles, she hopes to combine her love of fashion with her passion for charity work, and make sure that models get compensated as well. “The idea of helping someone and doing what I love is a no brainer. In North Carolina models get paid for charity shows, and it is something I would like to see happen in San Diego,” explained Jasmine. With future plans in mind she organized the modeling show “Infusion” at the Red Circle featuring clothing lines JINX, Britboy Fashions, and Thurty Rocks hoping to also utilize it as a modeling casting call for San Diego Event Management. “I know I am blessed with my mother’s heart and long after she is gone it will be her legacy that will continue to drive my ambition and hopes for this company.”
"Infusion" models took to the runway at the crowded Ruby Room with JINX, a casual clothing line for men and women featuring tees with colorful designs and jeans, embroidered button down shirts, and plaid sweaters and shirts. Thurty Rocks featured dressy mini-dresses with shimmery fabrics, ruffles, sequins, and elegant but sexy cuts. Britboy Fashions displayed their sexy, casual wear for men and women, with modern, hip mini-dresses in print, stripes, and bright colors for women, and white casual jackets and comfy tees for men.  Photography by KatherineWilliams.
Britboy Fashions
Britboy Fashions

Thurty Rocks
Thurty Rocks

Monday, August 9, 2010

Designer Kevin James and Yonah Eveline with Blew Print Models pay tribute to Michael Jackson

Designer Kevin James and Yonah Eveline, along with the Blew Print Models, paid tribute to Michael Jackson in a sold-out fashion show at the Belly Up. The Blew Print models put on quite a show, strutting dramatically on to the stage and into the extremely excited mob-like crowds while Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana" blared throughout the venue. Kevin James' designs bring 'glam' to a new level. Rich in exquisite details and strong, exotic colors, luxurious and sexy, they had more than a touch of show business excess and mystique. James, a Los Angeles based designer, worked on Michael Jackson's wardrobe during the early 80's, his Victory Tour, and was actively working on the clothing designs for the This Is It Tour. James believes that secret to good stage wear is "bling." "This collection is a balance between stage and street. It's a celebration of color for men. Men don't wear a lot of color. Comfort and fit is really important for street clothes. Still, men should look like men and women should look like women," said James. The color orange had a strong presence in his collection, both in leather jackets, dresses, and sweaters. Silver, jewels,sequins, metallic designs, gauze, leather, strips of multicolored patterns, his collection has it all. Truly spectacular, quality material, and superb taste. Street and stage definitely go hand in hand.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

ICONS Fashion: Fantasy and Fun

ICONS, an art, fashion, music, and film extravaganza created by WestCoastClubLife and Jon Block, took place at the Horton Plaza Event Center on Sat, July 24, 2010. Several fashion shows took to the runway throughout the day well into the night, featuring some of San Diego’s hottest fashion lines. Costumes, comics, and creativity were the theme of the day in honor of the concurring Comic-Con, taking place right down the street. Barnett Superstore paid tribute to the comic concept with its sexy costumes, including Supergirl with thigh-high fishnets, a red and blue bikini bottom, and small inverted pyramid red top and cape. Models wearing a yellow top with a tiger design, black, ruffled gauzy skirt with yellow trim, and a ballerina with a multicolored pastel corset and thigh-high stocking with pink satin bows stood out.
Jinx, a clothing line for men, displayed its upscale t-shirts with eye catching designs to include comic book characters and sci-fi images. The t-shirts were in black, white, and eye-popping pinks and purples, worn over jeans, black slacks, high-top sneakers, and dressed up with casual jackets, some hooded. Colorful plaids were also matched with base colors. X-Kittens’ ultra-sexy bikinis really upped their originality with their upscale material, two toned fabric, and ruffled trims all in basic blacks, whites and reds with unique details. Its metallic two-toned grey bikini with slanted, angular cuts alluded to modern art and its black satin bikini with tiny red trim and a red heart on the top was Las Vegas hot.
Britboy Fashions, San Diego’s up and coming fashion line bringing pretty and original pieces from England designers hits the mark across the spectrum with its clothes. At times edgy and sophisticated, sexy and elegant, hip and sweet, it seems to be a little of both at all times. Mini-dresses rule with sexy prints, white ruffles, hot pink with side-button designs, and a two-toned grey with an animal print front. One of the prettiest is a velvety black multi-textured dress with flared shoulders and ruffled sides. An iconic British flag jacket stands out, and the mens’ line includes comfy classic v-necked tees featuring the Britboy original logo, with casual white jackets.
Pretty Is got pretty sexy and nerdy with its short pencil skirts, cute shirts and tank tops and big geeky glasses. Hot secretaries and schoolgirl looks walked the runway, to a mix and match short, black, polka-dot skirt with lacy top over a white tee. The Marinello School of Beauty students put their hard-earned knowledge to use in truly creative costumes one featuring a navy blue American Revolution style jacket for women with a broad red and gold trim on the sleeves and front over a satin, short ballerina style dress and white fishnets. They went for some ancient chic with a gladiator long purple skirt with golden, faux metal ornamets around neck and chest, and the students demonstrated that the use of hats, multicolored layers of gauze, and make-up can turn a little black dress into a fantasy outfit.