Sunday, August 29, 2010

Project Ethos Fashion Ultrafeminine and Unconventional

Goga by Gordana
Cardi-Wrap by Kymaro
Michael Manguino
Project Ethos kicked off its second San Diego fashion show on Aug 26 at Fluxx. Restless with anticipation, attendees patiently awaited the night’s eight designers as the music blared at the club, packed to capacity. Several trends dominated the runway: ultrafeminine designs and the rugged, unfinished but beautiful look of nature and natural objects. Eye-popping bright colors of almost electrical hues made a presence, as well as their juxtaposition by mixing and matching them in plaid patterns. Lace, see- through and whimsical; ruffles in traditional trims or bunched elaborately in portions at the rear of skirts almost like a mini-train, asymmetrical cuts and trims; single shoulder and asymmetrical straps and ruffled neck collars, were some of the details displayed. Molly B. Bikinis displayed pastels and earth tones in stripes and leaf designs. Cardi-Wrap by Kymaro presented innovative wraps in bright colors and earth tones. Cut and designed with what seems mathematical precision, so it can change from one shape to another, going from sweater to jacket, to cape in seconds. Michael Manguino Design highlighted contrasting bright hues in mini and babydoll dresses. Haus of Estrada seemed to allude to Grecian godesses with one shouldered waisted tunic-dresses and elaborate necklines. Warm colors, stripes, and black sheer kept it contemporary. Halters and one-shoulder dresses were dominated. Blonde Peacock went for soft and natural with earth-tones cotton tee-dresses with nature inspired leaf designs. Their wide suede belts with jagged cuts and holes alluded to natural patterns.The models topped it off with peacock feathers in their hair and leaf-earrings. Goga by Gordana went for ethereal with lots of free-flowing sheer, ruffled neck, and a touch of elegance with red, faux-crocodile skirts and tops, or a strap. Goga displayed quality material with an eye-catching detail, and clean, feminine designs. Creative Fashionista used stripes, natural tones and diagonal trims, white ruffled tops and uneven hems, pink chiffon top with wide yellow belt. A paisley dress and open back with a long chain from neck to rear were eye-catching.
The minimalism and simplicity of the last decades seems to be set aside as elaborate femininity, and whimsical, elaborate details are embraced. Lace, ruffles, sheer, colors, uneven trims, ornate details, one-shoulder, and elaborate necklines is in.

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