Monday, August 9, 2010

Designer Kevin James and Yonah Eveline with Blew Print Models pay tribute to Michael Jackson

Designer Kevin James and Yonah Eveline, along with the Blew Print Models, paid tribute to Michael Jackson in a sold-out fashion show at the Belly Up. The Blew Print models put on quite a show, strutting dramatically on to the stage and into the extremely excited mob-like crowds while Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana" blared throughout the venue. Kevin James' designs bring 'glam' to a new level. Rich in exquisite details and strong, exotic colors, luxurious and sexy, they had more than a touch of show business excess and mystique. James, a Los Angeles based designer, worked on Michael Jackson's wardrobe during the early 80's, his Victory Tour, and was actively working on the clothing designs for the This Is It Tour. James believes that secret to good stage wear is "bling." "This collection is a balance between stage and street. It's a celebration of color for men. Men don't wear a lot of color. Comfort and fit is really important for street clothes. Still, men should look like men and women should look like women," said James. The color orange had a strong presence in his collection, both in leather jackets, dresses, and sweaters. Silver, jewels,sequins, metallic designs, gauze, leather, strips of multicolored patterns, his collection has it all. Truly spectacular, quality material, and superb taste. Street and stage definitely go hand in hand.

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  1. Hi Paola!

    Great coverage of the Summer Tribute to MJ :)

    Thank you soooo much for using my image as the large one for this story! I'm so jazzed right now haha. But I noticed I was the only model to not get name credit and I was wondering if you could please include that (Erika Limpin) for Google name search purposes?

    I figured you either didn't know who I was, or mistook me for Frances - it's our little joke that we're twins, hehe. Thank you so so much Paola!

    I would have sent this on FB, but I couldn't find you when I searched your name :(

    Best wishes, Erika Limpin